Skin Scrubber


A new type of Skin Cleaner. A high-speed vibration metal probe can quickly remove aging cutin and end acne and whelk. Desalination of fine lines, with the help of essence fluid 8000 times of vibration frequency fast introduction to strengthen absorption desalination fine lines!

Working Principle: Use the high-frequency vibration of ultrasound to make water atomize instantly, atomize water into deep skin, remove dirt, and adjust the balance of water and oil, so as to achieve the effect of cleaning pore blockage, removing blackhead acne, and cleansing skin.

At the same time, under the guidance of ultrasound and ion, skincare products such as cosmetic solution can reach the bottom of the skin more effectively, deeper, and more efficient than the traditional method of palm patting cosmetology instrument, and more compact skin at the same time.


  1. Choose stainless steel skincare tablets. More concentrated energy, more skin fit, safe, and not allergic.
  2. Ultrasonic cleaning mode. Use with facial cleanser; High-frequency vibration, effectively nano - media, enhance the cleaning force. Frequency of use: 3 times per week,3 minutes per time.
  3. Moisturizing mode. Use with toner; Let skincare essence directly to the dermis, promote absorption of deep nourishing skin. Frequency of use: 1 time per day,3 minutes per time.
  4. Lift mode, soothing massage. Apply intermittent ultrasonic waves in combination with firming cream and firming liquid to make muscles move twice, make skin elastic, and improve skin surface fine lines. Frequency of use: 1 time per day,3 minutes per time.
  5. USB charging. Easy to carry.


Material: ABS


Weight: 90g

Lithium battery capacity: 600mAh

Charging mode: USB

Power: 7W

Voltage: 3.7V

Vibration frequency: 8000 times /min

Mode: cleaning mode, moisturizing mode, lifting mode.